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Sabtu, 01 November 2014


Hi!!! Welcome to my blog. First of all, I want to introduce my self. So this is my bio :)

Full name  : Alicia Amanda
Nick name : Alice
Birthday    : April 30 2000
Age           : 14yo
Religion    : Moslem 
Bro&sist   : I have 1 sist and 2 bro. Their name is Sarah Puspita, Bayu Ramadhan, and Aldo Surya P (Aldo is ma twins.. so yeah)
Height       : 155 cm (I know I'm short......)
Weight      : 39kg
Blood type: O
Fav singer : Ofc 5sos, Ariana Grande, Echosmith, Demi  Lovato, Taylor Swift, Tulus, and many        more...
Fav movie : Despicable me, Narnia, Frozen, Tfios, Remember when/?lol and many more....
Fav song   : Magic-rude, Ariana Grande-Love me harder, best mistake, almost is never enough, problem, be my baby, John Legend-all of me, all songs 5sos, Calvin harris-summer, Echosmith-cool kids, Sam Smith-stay with me,  Maroon 5-maps, One Republic-something I need, Lorde-team and many more..... (dear music, thankyou for always being there....haha)
Fav food   : I love all foods
Fav drink  : Lemon tea yash
Colour      : Red, white, grey, and tosca 
Hobby      : Maybe listening music, and I like reading (not study books, but novel HAHA)
Socmed    : Twitter/ig: aliciamndd must follow me lol just kidding. Btw I don't have a facebook bcs I forgot the password sck.

Oh yeah, I'm students in SMP Negeri 184 Jakarta, I'm in grade IX-2. If u want to know how IX-2, u can follow  @9apeka2 haha i d k who made that's account, just for fun guys. Btw, see u in next posting!!! Sorry for bad English bcs I'm just a student lol. B y e

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